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What is the Carnivore Diet?

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Disclaimer: This post is not a recommendation. With that out of the way, in my opinion:

When compared to the standard American diet, some dietary patterns emerge that have some evidence of improved health. These include the Mediterranean, Paleolithic, DASH/low fat, low carbohydrate/healthy fat, and whole foods plant-based/vegan diets.

The best epidemiological evidence we have seen is the prevalence of low disease rates and increased longevity in populations of The Blue Zones. Their diets collectively appear to be related to more plant-based foods with meat used occasionally or as a condiment.

However, to be fair there is a history of high meat diets found HERE. that fuels the continuing diet debate about what  causes heart disease. The primary alleged culprit remains saturated fats. The comments following this article reflect the opinions of many who adamantly defend their biases on this topic whether it be vegan, vegetarian or meat, dairy, etc. etc.

Bottom Line: This diet is extremely restrictive and avoids healthy foods providing essential nutrients. There is limited research on its long-term effects and any one-size fits all approach should be met with caution. Any reported evidence appears (my opinion) to be anecdotal and conflicts with current and past diet recommendations.

For a  balanced and common sense approach on the Carnivore Diet:



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