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Confused About Diets? Try the N0-Diet Diet

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Bread, Olive oil, Parmesan, Garlic

Looking for a good “diet”? It cannot be simpler than this. This blog has consistently emphasized healthy eating – so relax and settle into the Mediterranean Diet. Please click on SEARCH THIS SITE on this blog for Mediterranean Diet and take a look at the myriad of articles and help in incorporating this way of eating whether it is for health and /or weight maintenance.

However, the best diet is the one you choose for your lifestyle – try  Keto, Paleo, Carnivore (the latest  fads). However, honestly, those diets are hard to stick to due to their restrictive nature. You can also check out the Mediterrasian web site located on this blog under Blogroll loaded with recipes  and the research associated a healthy lifestyle. This website combines Mediterranean and Asian foods that are flavorful, healthy and satisfying. Following this way of eating does not restrict foods but encourages “what to eat” in a simple and more precise manner without gimmicks. For more, CLICK HERE.

Bon Appétit !

Sally J. Feltner, PhD, RDN



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