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Bioengineered Foods Labeling?

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Consumer attitude and marketing studies show that, given information about irradiation, half or more will choose irradiated foods. A minority object to irradiation and will never select it.

In a 1995-96 study, after seeing a 10 minute video describing irradiation, interest in buying irradiated foods among California and Indiana consumers increased from 57% to 82%.   Center for Consumer Research, June, 2017.

The same may be said about GMO.  Consumers will decide whether they accept or reject. With that said, there is a need for greater understanding  about the safety of both irradiation and bioengineering.  In the case of GMO, it is often difficult to separate the biases associated with both sides of the safety issues.

It will be interesting how shoppers will react to Bioengineered Foods labeling. Will it fuel the debate as to their safety or calm it down?


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