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The Semi-Vegetarian Diet?

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It’s been said before (on this blog) that using a little common sense when it comes to what we eat can be effective when it pertains to health benefits. The trend is eating less meat and emphasizing more plant-foods. The scientific evidence that should not be ignored is stacking up to support this recommendation.  But perhaps you just can’t make the switch to being a strict vegan or vegetarian for various reasons but would like to include more plant foods and less meat in your diet.  There is hope.

One way is to practice semi-vegetarianism or flexitarianism which means you don’t need to give up meat entirely – just use it in ways that automatically reduces its intake in the overall diet. One way is to think of meat as a condiment for flavor and be aware of the portion size of meat on a plate. Just reducing the portion size can make a big difference. Another way is to include a Meatless Monday into your week and if you choose add a Meatless Wednesday.  You can also choose to become a lacto-ovo vegetarian (dairy and eggs) or include fish and/or seafood once a week to reduce meat consumption.


For more information on how to become a semi-vegetarian, CLICK HERE.

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