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Lessons from Modern Hunter Gatherers

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Even though we cannot realistically adapt our lifestyles back to hunting and gathering for our daily food intake, there are sensible lessons to be learned from those populations calm down the debates on which diet is optimal for our health and longevity.

Granted, they do not live longer than we do but do seem to avoid some of the ravages of chronic diseases we experience even often in midlife. We ultimately spend a lot of our later years debilitated and sick from the diseases of civilization, i.e. longer lifespans, less healthy years.

One interesting point in  the article was about the association between variety in the diet and what is called “sensory specific satiety.” I never thought of it that way. Anyway, it seems to make some sense which is what we need when it comes to our current diets and are trying to find reasons for our current obesity epidemic.

I found a great description of our current  food supply: “foods that are engineered to be irresistible even when we are not hungry.” And we find these foods at almost every street corner during our daily activities (hunting or gathering). One may wonder if the food industry is involved with this phenomenon – probably so? We  can still hunt or gather healthy whole foods in our supermarkets, but are often lured off track into the la-la land of processed foods loaded with irresistible sugar, salt and fat.


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