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The New Diet Fad – Lectin Free?

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I have just finished taking a look at the newest fad diet, The Plant Paradox, by Steven Gundry, MD and after reading it have placed question marks around many of the statements he makes about this pseudoscientific work. He claims that plant components called lectins are at the root cause of many chronic diseases and if you follow his specific diet and take his supplements (there’s a red flag), you will be saved from damage from these nutrition villains.

The book does contain some half-truths and truth about plant biology but his main premise is not supported by legitimate science (or much science for that matter). There are two links below that illustrate these shortcomings.  If you have read this book, be aware of its drawbacks. In my humble opinion, this book would not pass a reputable peer review, one of the main tenets of the scientific method. SJF



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