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A Japanese Lesson

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Tired of all the keto, paleo, low carb, high fat, low fat high carb restrictive diets that just don’t work in the long term?

The following article just makes good sense when it comes to how to eat and not just what to eat. It follows a 2500-year-old Confucian adage that reminds them to stop eating when their stomach is 80 percent full.  Since it takes about 20 minutes for the  feeling of fullness to travel from your stomach to your brain, this increases the innate physiological signals we all have and stop eating before you are 100 percent full. This forces you to slow down and pay attention to your food – called mindfulness. Food is special   – it comes from an animal that gave its life or is a product of hard work.

No PhD needed to understand this diet – experts have estimated that if the average American would follow this practice, he or she could lose 17 pounds in just the first year.




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