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New Food Safety Issues

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Practice food safety carefully if you have signed up for any meal delivery services. The problem is not with the companies but more likely the delivery times and you as the customer can control this by being aware of some simple food safety facts.

Once purchased from any source, cold foods need to be kept cold, at 40 degrees F. or less and hot foods should be kept hot at more than 135 degrees F.  If they are not, they are considered to be in the “danger zone.” Temperatures in this zone allow rapid bacterial growth and production of bacterial toxins.  Food should only be allowed to remain in this temperature range for minimal amounts of time, preferably not at all.  In the case of meal deliveries, the food should be packaged to meet these requirements and to remain out of the danger zone. If your schedule does not allow you to promptly put the delivery into the refrigerator, you may want to think twice about using these services. A new study raises some concerns.




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