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Is the Ketogenic Diet Just Another Fad?

The ketogenic (keto, for short) diet is being promoted more and more in the media, especially on the Internet. CLICK HERE for more information on this “fad” diet which was published on this blog a couple of months ago. Also read a cautious and critical approach by Dr.David Katz, M.D.,M.P.H. HERE.



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Homeopathy: Just More Snake Oil?

Homeopathy has been claimed to cure just about everything. But what exactly is it?  One definition: “Homeopathy is a therapy based on principles that from a scientific point of view are nonsensical.”  With suggestive support, they are perfectly “honed to maximize placebo responses” and for that reason may seem to provide relief at least initially. They have failed to perform as claimed when subjected to rigorous clinical trials. Source: “Cure: A Journey into the Science of Mind over Body”, Jo Marchant, 2016.

In my opinion, they support the power of the placebo, but nothing more.


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Taxes on Meat?

We already have soda taxes in place to attempt to cut down sweetened beverage consumption. Now it has been proposed by some that in the future we need to begin to look at the impact of meat consumption on our health as well as the environment.   CLICK HERE.

For a previous post on another perspective on this topic, CLICK HERE.

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Pesticides and Fertility


Strawberries provide lots of good nutrition and can be cancer fighters.

Pesticide residues may not be that important for everyone; however, women who are trying to become pregnant may want to be careful when choosing fresh fruits and vegetables. Also, some recent reports have found that pesticides may also adversely  affect the brains of growing fetuses and young children.

You may want to choose organic versions of some of the most contaminated. Organic produce may still contain some pesticide residues but would certainly be better choices under  these circumstances. In these cases, you may want to consult the list of the “dirty dozen” put out by the Environmental Working Group.