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Dieting Fatigue?

It appears that interest in weight loss is waning. People want to embrace a more positive approach to food, diets and dieting instead of obsessing about weight loss. They are becoming more involved in food and healthy lifestyles instead. This a plus for the concept of Health At Every Size approach.  Good news.



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Obesity Bias?



Obesity is probably the least understood “disease” of human physiology.The advice for its cure such “eat less and move more” apparently is over simplistic and does not work for all those afflicted. Even when weight loss is achieved, a great majority regain their loss and some even weigh more than before they lost the weight. It is proposed that repeated dieting lowers our metabolism with each attempt, making it even harder to lose the weight with the next attempt.  Fat shaming does occur at work, in schools, and even in the medical field.  Many people feel uncomfortable seeing their doctor or health practitioner because they too can imply that their weight problem is their own fault. The solution? Presently, I don’t think anyone knows exactly what to do about it. We may just need an attitude adjustment such as those who promote fat acceptance. However, that approach does not solve the problem. More awareness of the problem may help and prevention may be the key.  For a long read but very informative article on this topic, CLICK HERE. For a shorter discussion: CLICK HERE.