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Food Additives in Processed Foods

When you read those long lists of ingredients on a processed food label, you may be finding some that do us no favors. Check out the following article about some common ones found in varying amounts that may affect our “friendly” bacteria of the microbiome. Not only are our friendly bacteria affected, but our overall diet may also encourage more harmful species of bacteria to flourish or  contribute to antibiotic resistance, a serious problem.

A previous post HERE discusses the microbiome and its proposed functions that can contribute to our overall health.




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Ingredients: What Consumers Want?

Food additives are listed on the ingredient lists of packaged food products. There are many that have been used for decades. If they were used before 1958 when the Food Additives Amendment was passed, they are considered prior-sanctioned substances since they were already in common use. Another group of substances were described as generally recognized as safe (GRAS) . Both these categories were excluded from the food additive regulation process.  Just because an additive is on either of these lists doesn’t mean it’s safe. if new evidence emerges that suggests it is unsafe, the FDA may take action to remove the substance from food products. Some ingredients are not welcomed by consumers recently. To see the most common ones:


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The Mac and Cheese Dilemma ?

Just recently, there have been many scary articles in the food news about chemicals called phthalates in Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, a favorite (according to the ads) of our kids.

Marion Nestle gives us the facts and suggests some reasonable and simple advice about how to avoid this alleged problem.

Read about it HERE.

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A New Look at Our Processed Food?

Frozen foods at the Real Canadian Superstore i...

Frozen foods at the Real Canadian Superstore in Winkler, Manitoba (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An interesting approach as to what processed foods consist of.  Here is a great example of the phrase: “A picture is worth a thousand words”.  It also makes the ingredient lists come alive.


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Panera’s No-No List?

English: The McDouble, a cheeseburger from McD...

English: The McDouble, a cheeseburger from McDonald’s. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It seems that the restaurant industry is trying to outdo themselves in order to tell the public that their food is healthier than the other guys.  But they still don’t cut the calories on many of their menu items or cut down portion sizes to a reasonable level. And what will McDonald’s do next to entice back customers?  It will be interesting to watch.


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Do You Want “Silly Putty” or Duck Feathers With That?

Fast Food

Fast Food (Photo credit: SteFou!)

Next time you drive past a fast food window, think about exactly what is hidden in your favorite menu item.  Maybe you should just keep driving-through.  You may be getting more than you bargained for.  Bon appétit.  Click Here.

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