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Omnivores: A Sensible Approach?

Eating a plant-based diet is now perceived as an improvement in our U.S. food culture for better health and longevity.

A new study from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science seems to put eating meat into a common sense and realistic perspective. Some important points emerge:

  • The feasibility of the current U.S diet conversion to a plant-based diet would have some complex considerations.
  • Would a plant-based diet provide the nutrients we need and now obtain from our current meat-centered diet?
  • Would the reduction of the amount of green house gas emissions be enough to make a decided difference?

The U.S. diet has its roots in people eating both plant and animal foods and has more recently become animal food centered. In an ideal world, in my opinion, animals would all be free-range roaming and not dosed with hormones, antibiotics, pesticides or experience the cruelties of the huge feedlot operations. But, realistically, current practices have a long way to go before this would ever be possible.

In the book, The Blue Zones Solution by Dan Buettner, writes: “In most Blue Zones people ate small amounts of pork, chicken, or lamb. Families traditionally slaughtered a pig or goat for festival celebrations, ate heartily, and preserved the leftovers for frying or as a condiment for flavor . Neither beef nor turkey figures significantly into the average Blue Zones.”  in some “healthy” cultures, meat is used as more of an accompaniment rather than the “main attraction.”

How would a conversion of the U.S. diet to a more plant-based diet affect our current environmental and nutrition status?



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Words of Wisdom? Our Food System.


For his TEDx talk, click on “What’s Wrong With Our Food System? in the following article. This amazing kid has been talking sense about our food systems since he was eleven years old. His approach is anti-GMO and pro-organic farming.  For more information on Slow Food USA, click HERE. Enjoy!


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Why We Get Fat?

The reasons for why we have an obesity crisis have 011abeen stated many times. However, this article shows it with some simple graphs. Why should we wonder why we have gained weight?  The answers are obvious when you look at the comparisons about our food intake now compared to back in 1950.


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The Evolution of The Standard American Diet


I recently found this excellent video by Mark Bittman, an American food journalist, author and former columnist at the New York Times.  He is currently a fellow at the Union of Concerned Scientists.

He succinctly describes the origin and evolution of the Standard American Diet (SAD) in a provocative and entertaining manner. If you eat, you should listen to his 20 minute description of the heart of what we eat and why. The video was filmed in 2007, but still remains true today.