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Green Tea and Weight Loss?

All forms of tea are probably the most consumed beverage in the world, next to water. Tea contains an abundance of a class of phytochemiclas called polyphenols considered to be powerful antioxidants.  Polyphenols protect cells from what is referred to as “oxidative stress” caused primarily by an overproduction of  free radicals that have the potential of cell and DNA damage, implicated in the most common “killer” diseases of civilization namely heart disease and cancer.

There is some research on the benefits of green tea in weight loss; however, the results are mixed. Whether green tea plays some role in weight reduction or not, nearly everyone would benefit from tea consumption whether it is black, white, red, or green varieties.

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Does the SAD Diet Encourage Heart Disease?

A new study concludes with some interesting and compelling reasons to avoid a typical Western diet (aka the SAD) early in life and attempt to practice healthy lifestyles including diet for a lifetime.

It also suggests the fact that future doctors should be taught more meaningful  nutrition education in medical schools, a goal that has not yet been accomplished.


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Cinnamon and Health?

Cinnamon, a common spice for centuries is claimed to have health benefits. The following article gives us some clarifications on just what that may mean and explores the current research.

Bottom Line: Stay away from cinnamon supplements due to dosage and purity problems as found in most supplements, by the way. When not regulated, they can cause liver damage, for example.  The health claims of cinnamon are many, but more research is needed. In the mean time, enjoy its spice qualities.