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Cinnamon and Health?

Cinnamon, a common spice for centuries is claimed to have health benefits. The following article gives us some clarifications on just what that may mean and explores the current research.

Bottom Line: Stay away from cinnamon supplements due to dosage and purity problems as found in most supplements, by the way. When not regulated, they can cause liver damage, for example.  The health claims of cinnamon are many, but more research is needed. In the mean time, enjoy its spice qualities.



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Can Common Spices Act as Antiseptics?


A couple of interesting articles HERE. The first one provides an alternative to giving farm animals antibiotics. Wonder if there are any studies to back it up?? The second article  that  follows on the site exposes a sham blood test @$490 that claims to detect all your food intolerances (if you have any). Again, no research, but this one “quacks.” They call it Pinnertest – sound familiar? Buyer beware, for sure.

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