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The Impossible Burger-Still Going Strong?


The sales of meatless burgers continues to rise. The Impossible Burger appears to be popular with those who have tried them. The taste of any  type of these meat substitutes will be the key to their acceptance.  Still, food industry continues  to invest in their production.  For a previous post, CLICK HERE.



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“Real” “Clean” Foods: What do they mean?

Food Marketing

A recent trend in the food business is the use of the unidentified and non-nondescript meanings of “real food” and “clean food.”  The terms appear to be favorites of “foodies” (whatever that means) and perhaps Millennials. The following article from Restaurant News attempts to define what they may mean to the average consumer and how the industry is responding.  Click HERE.

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New Trends In Grain Foods?

Harvesting Wheat

Tired of hearing about gluten-free?  Get ready for grain-free or ancient grain products.  You can listen to the podcast (17 min) or read the text. The podcast is more detailed, but both say the same thing.  Be warned  and get ready for the next fad –  lectin-free! Grains are more complex than anyone ever thought they would be.