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Vegans vs. Meat? Some myths exposed.

Interesting discussion about vegan versus meat diets. Some good points were made and references support most of them as far as I can tell. Try to find some common sense on both sides of the debate. When the “facts” are known it becomes easier to decide your own personal diet choices and what is best for you. There is no one diet that fits all.



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The Sensible Approach to Healthy Diets?

farmersmarketsign_tnAre you tired of being told to eat a plant-based diet? Do you find that conversion to a vegan diet impossible?  Did your doctor suggest you follow a healthy diet? Think about trying the approach of becoming a Flexitarian.  It can put you in control of your diet and at the same time start to incorporate a sensible approach to dietary health and still enjoy a moderate amount of meat, poultry, or fish without guilt.


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A Seagan Diet?


Want to go vegan? Barring any ethical concerns, this diet may make it easier (if you like fish.) Another way to a more plant-based diet is to get the book: The Flexitarian Diet: The Mostly Vegetarian Way to Lose Weight, Be Healthier, Prevent Disease, and Add Years to Your Life by Dawn Jackson Blatner, RD, LDN.





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Some Benefits of Meatless Mondays



Another informative infograph on how eating meat affects the environment. Around the world, many people have relied on plant proteins and vegetables to meet protein needs. In rural Mexico, protein mostly comes from beans, rice and tortillas. In India, it often comes from lentils and rice, and in China, rice and soy with small amounts of meat provide the protein source. As the economics of a country improves, the proportion of animal foods in its diet typically increases.


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Common Sense About Eating Meat?

Public domain photograph of various meats. (Be...

Public domain photograph of various meats. (Beef, pork, chicken.) Source: (via Public domain declaration: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sorry for the repetition, but this excellent assessment  of eating meat and its emphasis on MODERATION in our diets.  And again, the important thing is the total diet, not individual nutrients  that are important.  The article avoids any obvious bias and offers some common sense about whether to eat meat or not.  Check out a previous post on processed meats HERE.

The bigger picture also involves the awareness of where our meat comes from and awareness of the horrors of factory farming as well as its impact on the environment.