Exploring the sense and nonsense of food and health

About This Site

We all are constantly exposed to diet and nutrition information in the media. It seems that everyone has an opinion about what we should eat and some, although well-intended, can convey misinformation or promote the latest diet fad or diet supplement for their own profits. This blog attempts to guide you through the food and nutrition mire of advice so that you can make your own educated decisions about how and what to eat.

Food Facts and Fads is not sponsored by any company, nutrition organization, or food manufacturer and not supported by any advertisements except for the occasional ads promoted by WordPress. The posts are entirely the responsibility of Sally Feltner, PhD, RDN. (see About Me). The posts are an eclectic collection of topics that include where our food comes from, how nutritious is it, how it is marketed, and how it may affect our health and our environment.

This site seeks sound nutrition research based on science that is independent of the food industry bias attempting to promote a certain brand, food group, or dietary supplement. It also attempts to determine conflict of interests and funding influences.

The blog is not intended to provide personal or individualized medical or nutritional advice. Please consult your physician who can often refer you to a registered dietitian/nutritionist if you seek nutritional advice or treatment.

Please feel free to search this site using categories, key words, or the chronological archives. Comments and your opinions are welcomed.


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