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About This Site

“Unless it is religion, there is no field of human thought in which sentiment and prejudice take the place of sound judgment and logical thinking so completely as in dietetics.” From Nutrition Coalition

“The healthiest thing you can consume is good information.”

The internet and news media provides us with a plethora of food information and misinformation on a variety of food and diet issues.   Nutrition information and science is often distorted and becomes subject to bias and a reluctance to give up a dedicated mindset and see the total picture. Debates of many of these issues are not uncommon. Food consumers need to be aware of the fads and facts about the Standard American Diet (SAD), so that we can make intelligent choices in the challenges to feed ourselves and our families.

These are the situations we meet more and more in our current world of food and diet. Some of my posts are written by me and others provide links to the best and current and past views (in my opinion) in published articles concerning food and diet issues. This process acts as a clearing house for news articles that when possible address both sides of the issue.

Food Facts and Fads is not sponsored by any company, nutrition organization, or food/supplement manufacturer and not supported by advertisements except for the occasional ads promoted by WordPress for its own gain. The posts are entirely the responsibility of Sally Feltner, PhD, MS, RDN. (see About Me). I am  not a spokesperson for nor do I represent any food brand, organization, or company. Any advertisements that periodically appear do not represent my views or opinions. They are required by WordPress to cover costs of the blog maintenance. I receive no compensation.

This site seeks sound nutrition research based on science that is independent of the food industry and free (as much as possible) of bias (everyone has an opinion about the food they choose).  It also attempts to determine conflict of interests of the authors and funding sources.

Nutrition research is a relatively young science; therefore, I prefer to refer to many aspects of research findings as “what we think we know.” Nutrition science is constantly evolving. Old theories change based on new information. We keep seeking the truth and through this process we learn.

The blog is not intended to provide personal or individualized medical or nutritional advice. Please consult your physician who can often refer you to a registered dietitian/nutritionist or other appropriate professional to provide you with medical nutrition therapy. Please feel free to search this site using categories, key words, or the chronological archives. It’s easy to follow me by email, Twitter, or Facebook. Comments and your opinions are welcomed.


Sally J. Feltner, PhD, MS, RDN

Photo credit: Marsha Ott

One thought on “About This Site

  1. Hi Sally. I’ve been looking through your WordPress site. Tremendous amount of great info here.
    I hope all is well. Merry Christmas.


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