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Cows, Burgers and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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The following post stresses the importance of knowing the facts that surround the topic of climate change and management of agricultural green house gas emissions. Everyone should become aware of this debate that threatens to change our food culture forever (especially the beef industry).

It will be interesting to see if the new Dietary Guidelines scheduled for 2020 release  will be affected and how they may be influenced by the lobbyists (food industry) and the polarized political viewpoints of the New Green Deal (my opinion).

The  following are a couple of excerpts from The New Food Economy on September 5th, 2019 entitled “The Eat less meat” movement is growing. Does it distort science? by Lynne Curry, author of The Grassfed Beef Cookbook.

“As if the beef industry didn’t already have a bad rap, Brazil’s farmers have reportedly set the Amazon on fire to create more grazing land for the country’s booming beef industry. They are part of a global stampede to meet demand in developing markets—even as ruminant livestock, with cattle at the top of the list, take the heat for agriculture’s nearly 25 percent share of annual greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions worldwide.”

“The simplified public health message is dangerous,” says Andrew Gunther, executive director of A Greener World, a sustainable livestock farming organization. “If we thought the soil, air and water could be fixed by a single solution, we’d advocate for that.”

“We need far more intelligent conversations about climate change’s connection to food, agriculture and health.”

“It’s not as simple as stop eating meat and being a vegetarian,” Gunther says. “It’s a system, not a product. It’s education, not a solution.”


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