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Eat Your Veggies

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Another study only this time global nutrition is examined. The conclusions: Really simple – Eat more vegetables, fruit, fish, and whole grains and less trans fat, sugar, and salt. How many times do we hear this recommendation, but still continue to ignore it?  But is it so simple to do when we are surrounded by a toxic food environment such as the so-called SAD (Standard American Diet)?

We live in a nutritional desert where the potato and tomato are the favorite vegetables of  many Americans and the potato  is in the form of a French fry and the tomato is in the form of catsup on our burgers. We get our calcium from layers of processed cheese on most all fast foods and stuffed into our pizza crusts. All this and more from a food industry that is more concerned about a  sugar “bliss” point in their products than real nutritional health.


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