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Listeriosis: An Update

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Inside a bacterium

The food industry appears to be having more food safety issues with the food-borne illness called Listeriosis. This may be due in part to more and more consumers using highly processed foods and ready-to-eat meals with long shelf lives. This bacteria can also live at refrigerator temperatures. It also is found often on the surfaces of food processing equipment and can be the reason for many food recalls.  CDC estimates: 2,500 cases in the U.S. annually with 20 percent resulting in death. Delicatessen cold cuts and soft cheeses (Brie,  Camembert, blue cheeses) have been associated with a significant number of cases.

Listeriosis primarily affects newborns, pregnant women, the elderly and other people with weak immune systems. The symptoms can include fever, malaise, arthritis and jaundice. Healthy people may experience occasional digestive and neurological symptoms.

Read about its increased prevalence with the food industry HERE.



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