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Women and Weight?

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How does the average weight of women in the U.S. compare to the rest of the world?  The differences may be partly explained by our highly obesigenic environment, i.e. our food supply is more caloric dense and less nutrient dense. The article also discusses the problems of using only the Body Mass Index (BMI) for individual weight assessment.


One thought on “Women and Weight?

  1. I thought that the average weight for women was a little high. The average would certainly be based on age, so this is what I found. The average 50-year-old 5-foot-3-inch woman weighs 160 pounds, and the average 20-year-old 5-foot-3-inch woman weighs 130 pounds. Weight Watchers says that a healthy 5-foot-3-inch woman should weigh between 113 and 141 pounds. That sounds more realistic to me.


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